Petra Molenaar, Marielle van der Coelen, Sjef Stoop and Maayke Somers.

We work with a team of 4 EWC-expert trainers/advisors having extensive knowledge and skills in all EWC-matters (EWC-Legal, -Finance, -Strategy, -Culture etc.). They regularly publish articles in relevant magazines on Employee representation and in 2011 they published their handbook: The practical guide for European Works Councils

We believe that the EWC makes a very real contribution to better employee participation within multinationals. Employee representatives are kept informed and consulted regarding subjects such as the structure of the concern, the financial-economic situation, organisational changes and care of the environment. In addition the EWC has demon­strated in practice that subjects of social policy, such as training and health and safety can also be discussed at a European level. It has been shown that an EWC with enthusiastic members, a clear strategy and an effective approach can achieve a lot.

All employee participants who are involved in European employee participation can make use of the services of SBI Formaat. For this purpose, the EWC-Service makes use of our broad network in Europe and cooperates with the different European Trade Unions.

The EWC service team

Petra Molenaar
+31 (0)6-52599053

I have been involved with EWCs for the past 10 years and have dealt with many different subjects ranging from setting up an EWC, (re)negotiating the EWC agreement, to training, advising and supporting EWC members during complex change processes (e.g. reorganisations, mergers and takeovers). Having my background in Social Sciences and Education I am

in my role as an EWC-advisor and trainer, strongly focused on establishing a dialogue with management and actively encourage the exchange of information and views. I have a rather direct communication style and at the same time I am very sensitive to the differences of interests and backgrounds that exist in an EWC. EWC-members basically cover all areas and levels of the company, and have a lot of practical knowledge that is valuable for senior management. The decision-making process would surely benefit from this exchange of information, especially if the latter starts at the very outset of the process. Furthermore, I encourage EWC-members to link their EWC-work with the activities of their local councils and to regularly feed back information to the Select Committee. I am very pragmatic and I like to work on finding the ‘best suitable solutions’ for the employees and the company.

On request I am happy to share with you several references (HR/EWC-members/Union)  with whom you can find our more about my skills, attitude and working procedures.

Marielle van der Coelen
+31 (0)6-52599018

Drs. Marielle van der Coelen studied History, German and Pedagogy in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. After teaching several years in Spain, she worked for seven years for Kodak in Germany and the Netherlands.
At Kodak, Marielle was an active member in the Dutch and  the European Works Council.

Since 2005, Marielle is working as trainer and advisor for the EWC-Service of SBI Formaat, where she combines her international orientation and knowledge with her practical EWC and training experience. Marielle coaches and gives advice to EWCs and Special Negotiation Bodies and develops innovative trainings. Her broad international experience enables her to get the best out of cultural diverse groups.

Together with her colleagues, Marielle has written a handbook for EWCs. On a regular basis, she writes articles on employee participation in an international context. Marielle is fluent in Dutch, English, German, Spanish and she has a basic command of the French language.

Sjef Stoop
+31 (0)6-52599048

Dr. Sjef Stoop is an economist and already involved with European Works Councils since 1994. In this year he edited the first large-scale study on European Works Councils in the Netherlands. Since that time he has been active as an advisor, trainer and researcher for European Works Councils.
He supports negotiations to set up EWCs and advises and trains on a wide range of EWC issues; e.g. developing an EWC mission & vision, financial analysis, confidentiality,  European Industrial Relations. With his background in economy he also provides advice to EWCs dealing with complex consultation issues like restructurings, joint venture constructions, take-overs etc..
He publishes regularly in relevant magazines on European Works Councils and in 2013 the European Trade Union Institute will publish a manual on communication for EWC members authored by him.
He also has broad experience with the theme of Corporate Social Responsibility, from his earlier work at SOMO (Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations) and the Fair Wear Foundation.
Sjef Stoop has initiated a number of masterclasses, where renowned experts like Prof. Loe Sprengers and Prof. Arnoud Boot share their knowledge with Dutch Works Council members from international companies.
In everything he does, his approach is ‘getting to results’ with a strong emphasis on communicating with all parties- stakeholders involved.

Maayke Somers 
+31 (0)6-52599002